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Phantompains is a text of rare power, birthing a brave new world flush with pain, lust, drugs and the Uterus. Estacion's Eunuched Female is a masterpiece: utterly indelible.


—Tamara Berger, author of

Queen Solomon

I love Therese Estacion’s book. I love its humour, clarity, irreverence, and rage...Therese Estacion plunged into an abyss — found suffering, dehumanization, terror — and when she emerged, she chose to make radically confrontational art. Phantompains is the cosmic result of her dwelling, and her passage. In her words, “she became the subject” — I think she also became the seer


—Sara peters, author of I become a delight to my enemies


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Therese Estacion is part of the Visayan diaspora community. She is an elementary school teacher and is studying to be a psychotherapist. Therese is also a bilateral below knee and partial hands amputee, and identifies as a disabled person/person with a disability, and lives in Toronto/ Tkaronto. Her first collection of poems, Phantompains, was published by Book*Hug in Spring 2021 and was a finalist for both the 2021 Indies Foreword Reviews and CLMP Firecracker awards.

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